Cost Savings

Conventional brake lifespan can be increased two to seven times*. For example, if a truck’s brakes are changed once every three months, the Heavy Duty Brake Retarder can reduce this to once every six to 21 months if used properly - A savings of at least 50% plus the additional cost savings on labor involved with your mechanic.

  • Heavy Duty America Retarder Cost Savings
  • Heavy Duty America Retarder Cost Savings

Brake Change Financial Breakdown: Without the Electromagnetic Brake:
1 truck = $1,500/brake change + 1 hour of service ($25/hour) = $1,525 (4 times /year) = $6,100 per truck to change one set of brakes. 15 trucks in the fleet = $91,500 a year in brake changes for the trucking fleet.*

Savings with the Electromagnetic Brake Retarder
$1,525 per truck with only 2 brake changes per year = $3,050 (15 trucks) = $45,750 per year TOTAL SAVINGS**: $45,750 JUST ON BRAKES. Your TOTAL SAVINGS may increase based on reduction in accidents due to the loss of brakes. You may be able to recoup the cost of your electromagnetic brake in one year.

RESALE VALUE: You can choose to sell your current vehicle along with the brake or you can remove the brake and install it on a similar vehicle.Heavy Duty America and Heavy Duty Electric Brake Systems has a firm commitment to providing exceptional products and services to its customers.

*Lifespan increase of service brakes fluctuates depending on vehicle, stop and go conditions, work load and proper use of Heavy Duty electromagnetic retarder.

**Dollar amounts and number of brake changes is approximate based on your vehicles weight, size and time your trucks spend on the road.

More Information

An electromagnetic brake keeps service brakes at cooler temperatures by reducing their use. This decreased use of the service brakes can increase the brakes systems parts up to 7 times which results in a cost savings to your company.