How It Works

The Electromagnetic Retarder can provide up to 85% of the vehicles braking needs. Secondary braking systems become a MUST due to vehicle technical innovations:

  • More powerful engines.
  • Higher gross weights allowed
  • Less driveline losses
  • Better aerodynamics.

Electric Brake Systems
Electric currents create magnetic fields when passing through the coils.

Electric Brake Systems
When rotors turn inside the magnetic fields, Eddy currents appear.
Eddy currents create forces opposing to the movement of rotors.

ELectric Brake Systems
Kinetic energy is transformed into heat in the rotors and dissipated through their vanes.

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The Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Retarder can be controlled with a hand switch or through the brake pedal. For smooth braking, the power is divided in several steps. Compatible with ABS (Antilock Braking System)

The Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Retarder is based on Eddy currents. It is made up of two parts:

  • Stator: static part equipped with a set of electric coils.
  • Rotors: turning parts that absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of the braked system.

Do I need to make special changes to my vehicle to have the Electromagnetic Retarder installed? Unlike other Electromagnetic Retarders on the market today, you DO NOT have to change your alternator; the only change to your vehicle is the following:

  • Installation of the box on the chassis
  • The actual Electromagnetic Retarder itself to the driveshaft
  • Changing the driveshaft to fit the retarder

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