System Controls

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July 2004 - Heavy Duty America Corporation has introduced with great succes and customer appreciation, the new ECS Electronic Control System

  • Heavy Duty America Electro Magnetic Retarder - News and More
  • Heavy Duty America Electro Magnetic Retarder - News and more

The NEW electronic retarder control system called ECS has many features and benefits to suite your requirements ! It will take the use of your Heavy Duty Retarder to a new experience, taking away some of the “fear factors” of electro magnetic retarders.

The retarder brake torque is being applied proportional to the driveline by using all coils of the retarder simultaneously. The lifespan of the stator will improve dramatically; no more over heating of the coils, no more shocking feeling if the brake power is applied, no more "singing" of the driveline components.

The ECS Retarder Control System will save up to 50% of the current consumption by using the pulse width modulation (PWM), saving batteries and alternator from wear.

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