Why A Heavy Duty Retarder?

North America has a long lasting tradition of using devices integrated in the engine or mounted on the exhaust system. These systems are noisy, fuel in-efficient and cause reduction of the life of engine components.

  • Heavy Duty America Electro Magnetic Retarder - Why a Heavy Duty Retarder
  • Heavy Duty America Electro Magnetic Retarder - Why a Heavy Duty Retarder

An Electromagnetic retarder used properly can provide up to 85% of your braking needs which reduces the use of your service braking system and the environmental impact due to brake dust. This decreased use of service brakes increases their lifespan while improving safety on the road and cost savings.

Heavy Duty America - Heavy Duty Electric Brake Systems

Advantages & Benefits

  • SAFETY: Reduces the possibility of services brake fade
  • INDEPENDENCE: Function not reliant upon engine RPMs engine cooling systems or transmission
  • PROFITABILITY: Allows higher legal average speeds to be made, thus reducing the total time on the task.
  • ENVIORNMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reduces the use the services brakes, thus reduces brake dust emissions
  • SILENT: Frictionless and without engine dependence; a silent device and effective at low speeds; suitable for urban areas.
  • Best electro magnetic retarder concept on the market, by weight, by dimension, by brake torque, by design and quality.
  • The only electro magnetic retarder product with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) approved Electronic Retarder Control System that saves up to 50% on the current consumption.
  • The only Retarder Manufacturer with their own installation facilities and direct customer support, extensive dealer network and 40 years of experience.